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Do you know Canada, this North American country. Canada is full of beautiful scenery in each of these cities. If America is an exciting continent, Victoriaville this beautiful Canadian city will also amaze you. You can't think of visiting Canada without going there. A city that you are strongly recommended to visit in August. You will discover through these writings all the splendor of this city and believe it, you will not want to leave, after having toured the city. Let yourself be told the story of this city and see what it has to offer you.

Population and geographic location of Victoriaville

 Victoriaville is a city in Quebec, it is the capital of the administrative region of central Quebec. Precisely located in the regional county municipality of Arthabaska. Its population is around forty-six thousand (46,000) Victoriavillois and Victoriavillois, it covers an area of approximately eighty-two thousand (82,000) m2, it also has a density of 548 inhabitants. /km2. The city has a population whose life expectancy is approximately over 65 years. There is a high proportion of people whose age is greater than or equal to 25 years, the percentage of the young population is very low. Moving to Victoriaville because the population there is small and the labor very much in demand.

History and language of Victoriaville

Victoriaville was officially incorporated on October 23, 1993. But officially became the city of Victoriaville from July 23, 1994 following the referendum held on November 7, 1993. It is considered in Quebec as the cradle of sustainable development. Sesame (an international network of 15 regional capitals from 12 different countries).

A survey shows that several languages are spoken in Victoriaville. French, which is the mother tongue of most of the city's citizens, is also the one he speaks at home. Then comes the non-official language, in last place we have English.

Tourist place to visit in Victoriaville

Victoriaville is one of the main tourist towns in central Quebec, it is at the very center of the hardwood region. There are two four-star hotels, the city is full of several tourist lodges. Moving from Longueuil to Victoriaville to discover the marvels to visit, we find the park of Mont Arthabaska, Parc-Terres-des-Jeunes, the post office (pavilion dedicated to the fine arts), the Laurier Museum (still named, national historic site ), the Rigolo Victoriaville (dedicated to children), the Quesnel park, the lake of the Baudet reservoir.

Victoriaville has a good network of cycle paths, networks of snowmobile and quad (ATV) trails which are well developed.

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Best Universities and Colleges in Victoriaville

Victoriaville and its region has a public education network administered by the Bois-Francs commission, seven secondary schools. In addition, a specialized establishment for customers in difficulty. There is also a private secondary school “the Claretain college”. Moving to Victoriaville to give children an excellent school education.

The city is committed to the education of its youth and offers various technical and professional pre-university training programs through the Cégep de Victoriaville.

Victoriaville and its region also has a university center to prepare its young people for the professional world. The presence of four professional training centers should also be noted: CIFIT, visions 20-20, the national school of furniture and cabinetmaking, and CFP André-Morissette.

Best restaurants in Victoriaville

Like all attractive cities, Victoriaville abounds in restaurants whose flavors cross your taste buds and remain etched in your memory. If you decide to move to Victoriaville, you will find in these restaurants several reasons to live there.

The victoria cheese dairy will serve you a wide variety of delicious meals at low cost.

The Restaurant le Luxor, is a gourmet restaurant that will serve you Italian and Canadian dishes, this rest is to be discovered absolutely.

The Pacini Victoriaville, offers a rich and very varied menu, the menu will please the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest.

5 reasons to move from Longueuil to Victoriaville

Soon summer and you plan to move, you should know that the month of August is the best to go to Victoriaville. Moving to Victoriaville for all that it offers you:

· If you are a big fan of ice hockey, you need to know, you will be happy to have your young children join the Victoriaville Tigres team.

· Since you inculcate in your sports education in addition to school education. Because the Cegep de Victoriaville offers several disciplines including: American football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming, rugby.

· As well as the Cegep de Victoriaville, the Tandem and the Boisé, as well as the Claretain College also offer several sports disciplines.

· For your skydiving lessons, you will find one of the most renowned schools in Canada.

· is beneficial for these natural and peaceful places (parks and lake), without forgetting the places of intellectual enrichment (library, museum).

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